Our Story

Story of Laksameenarai Guesthouse

The Laksameenarai Guesthouse is a family business that originated from Sivarin Guesthouse in Samsen Soi 3 and we provide quality accommodations for tourists. Our business was performing well and we won the TripAdvisor Excellent Service award two years in
a row.
Regrettably, the unexpected happened and the landlord decided to sell this house and terminate our lease. As a result, we have been forced to find a new location. We immediately began the difficult job of finding a suitable location that would be satisfactory for
our guests.
Fortunately, we found a special home that, with some hard work, will work well for us and our guests. The house we found is
a wooden house that is over 130 years old and has been in the same family for generations and is owned by Pol.Maj.Gen.
Kanit Aumpornpuk.
We immediately began the difficult process of making the necessary repairs to ensure our guests received the same quality they had come to expect from us. Even though the recent disruptions to tourism have made things more difficult, we have completed our commitment to make this house a home sweet home” again for visitors, completing all of the necessary upgrades.
We are now looking forward to offering our friends (and everyone that has supported us in the past) an opportunity to enjoy
a relaxing and enjoyable time in our new facility. We hope you come soon and enjoy our friendly, home-away-from-home atmosphere!

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